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Tampa Bay Analytical Research is a leading provider of contract analytical services to the dietary supplement community. We utilize our experience, expertise, and the highest scientific standards to serve the needs of raw materials suppliers and finished product manufacturers, government agencies, and organizations and associations such as AOAC, APHA, ABC, and AHP.

Established in 2006, our mission is to continually set new standards in the reliability of analytical testing data for dietary supplements, to raise the awareness of the challenges in the analysis of dietary supplements, and to help overcome those challenges. In doing so, TBAR intends to raise the quality expectations associated with dietary supplements and provide consumers with increased confidence in their usage.



There are many criteria to consider when choosing a contract analytical laboratory. First and foremost among the considerations should be the reliability of the results obtained by the lab. Other factors include turnaround time, pricing, and customer service. At TBAR, we pride ourselves in being accurate, on time, and reliable.

To ensure the reliability of results, we observe practices that go above and beyond what many other laboratories offer. All testing is prepared in duplicate, and HPLC samples are injected in duplicate, yielding a statistically sound average that our clients can have confidence in.

Our laboratory is also well-equipped for new method development and validation. Throughout his career, Dr. Mark Roman was a leading advocate in the field for developing methods that are efficient and specific for the targeted analytes to either rule out or expose the presence of adulterants. Each chemist at TBAR has been hand picked and thoroughly trained by Dr. Roman utilizing his methodologies, and keeping these values in mind to preserve the integity of our laboratory as an unbiased source of third-party testing.

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