Remembering Dr. Mark Roman

Founder and Friend

Dr. Mark Roman founded Tampa Bay Analytical Research in 2006 with the intention of providing the dietary supplement and natural product industry with a reliable, ethical and highly knowledgeable laboratory. His vision was to offer a laboratory capable of continually developing new methodology for statistically robust quantitative determination of the most sought-after ingredients of the marketplace. His sudden and unexpected passing on May 8th of 2014 was a tremendous loss for family, friends, and the scientific community as a whole. However, the influence of his legacy of highly ethical practices in the pursuit of expanding the body of knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry cannot be understated.Dr. Roman showed the greatest of care and dedication to this field as his life's work, and his passion has been passed into the capable hands of those he worked closely with at TBAR. He left a large body of knowledge, testing methods, and service capabilities for his fellow chemists to build upon his magnum opus. It is in his name and for the Roman family that we at Tampa Bay Analytical Research continue to honor his memory.

As President and Technical Director of TBAR, Dr. Mark Roman worked extensively with industry, government and academia in the areas of analytical method development and method validation. He served as a member of USP’s General Chapters – Chemical Analysis Expert Committee.

Dr. Roman spent six years as Director of Research and Development for a phytochemical reference standard company, where he was responsible for development and validation of analytical testing methods for the analysis of dietary supplement raw materials and finished products. He was also responsible for writing and issuing SOPs, test methods, and protocols, for presenting seminars and classes relating to the analysis of dietary supplements, and for providing technical customer support.

Prior to that, Dr. Roman worked for over five years as Senior Chemist at a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products, where he developed and validated HPLC and GC methods for the analysis of softgel dosage forms of pharmaceuticals (prescription and OTC) and dietary supplements.

Dr. Roman’s first position after receiving his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry was as an analytical chemist at Wallace Laboratories. He was responsible for the separation, isolation and identification of unknown impurities in new drug products, and in this capacity, he developed HPLC methods for drug substance assays, stability indicating assays, and analyses of unknown drug impurities.

He served as both a member and chair of the AOAC International Methods Committee on Dietary Supplements, and as an instructor of the AOAC Single Laboratory Validation and Collaborative Study training courses. He was study director of the collaborative study for the AOAC ephedra method, and co-study director for the chondroitin sulfate and CoQ10 collaborative studies.

As a result of his efforts on the ephedra study, Dr. Roman was named the AOAC Study Director of the Year in 2004. He served as a contractor for AOAC International as a Dietary Supplement Subject Matter Expert for three years.

Dr. Roman received his B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Delaware, and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Rhode Island, studying under Dr. Phyllis Brown.

He received the AOAC International Study Director of the Year award in 2004 for his work on the validation of the method for the determination of ephedrine alkaloids in botanicals and dietary supplements, and was named a Fellow of AOAC International in 2009.

A memorial of Dr. Mark Roman by the American Botanical Council can be found here.

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