Contract Analysis

Providing accurate, reliable results for your product analysis is Tampa Bay Analytical Research's priority. We will guarantee the highest quality of data while providing competitive pricing and turnaround times. When we test your product, we will verify that the test method works on your product before we issue results. Inaccurate or meaningless results are worse than no results at all. Please download the PDF list of the various analytes and natural products we are capable of testing. 

The current GMPs place the onus of responsibility for supporting label claims on the manufacturer. The method of analysis used to test each product (not just a journal reference) and raw data including chromatograms and copies of notebook pages are available upon request.

Method Development

New products and new compounds require new methods of analysis to support label claims, characterize materials for clinical studies or provide guidance for process development. A method of analysis is the complete set of instructions, from the sample preparation to the reporting of the results, required to conduct the analysis.

TBAR is a leader in analytical method development in the area of botanicals and dietary supplements. We strive to develop methods that are both reliable and practical, and can be transferred to other laboratories if necessary with minimal trouble. Many of the analytical methods developed by Dr. Roman have been adopted by AOAC, USP, INA and other analytical laboratories. Basic validation work will accompany any development project to provide confidence in the reliability of the results.

Our capabilities include HPLC with UV, PDA, fluorescence and evaporative light scattering detection, as well as GC-FID, polarimetry, titrations and UV/Vis Spectrometry. In addition, through our partnerships with other laboratories, we can develop methods for HPLC or GC with MS and MS/MS detection.

Method Validation

Method validation is a systematic and well-defined process of demonstrating or confirming the performance characteristics of an analytical method. The key performance characteristics are accuracy and precision. Simply put, validation is demonstrating that the method is suitable for its intended purpose - a requirement of the current GMPs.

Nobody has more experience in method validation for dietary supplements than TBAR. Dr. Roman authored and instructed several validation training courses, and was author or co-author on many published validation manuscripts, including ephedrine alkaloids (which is now the AOAC official method of analysis), biogenic amines in Citrus aurantium, chondroitin sulfate, coenzyme Q10, and others. TBAR's Technical Director Armando Nieves worked with Dr. Roman for over 20 years on many of these projects, and will now assume this role in the company.

TBAR follows AOAC guidelines for single laboratory validations, which are the most rigorous and statistically based validation protocols of any organization.

If you would like to take your method to the next level of validation, Armando Nieves also has extensive experience with Dr. Roman designing and directing multi-laboratory collaborative studies, and has assisted Dr. Roman's efforts to write and instruct for the AOAC training course on design and management of collaborative studies.

We can test your samples in accordance with AOAC Official Methods of Analysis, USP monographs, or other official monographs if so desired.

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