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Tampa Bay Analytical Research believes in providing services that are tailored to each customer's specific needs. You may find that we ask more questions than some other labs before accepting a project. This is to ensure that the work done is appropriate to your needs, and that we have the capability to execute the work to your satisfaction with no false expectations. You will always be able to discuss technical questions with the technical people directly involved with your project.

Our laboratory services include analytical method development, method validation and contract analysis. We can also help with GMP and analytical chemistry training, assist in writing validation protocols, perform data analysis and document review, and provide expert testimony services to legal professionals, management consultants, and the dietary supplement community in general.

Please download the PDF list of the various analytes and natural products we are capable of testing. 


Our Best Practices

  • At a minimum, we typically make duplicate test preparations of each sample, and analyze each test preparation in duplicate, so each result is the average of at least 4 data points. Many other laboratories only perform a single analysis of a single test preparation.

  • For new or novel matrices, we will prepare five test preparations of a sample, and analyze each test preparation in duplicate to obtain a precision estimate upon request.

  • Whenever available, we run control samples with each analytical sequence to ensure proper control of the method. This practice also generates additional precision data.

  • For botanical raw materials and botanical ingredients in finished products, we run 5-point calibration curves both before and after the sample injections to ensure system suitability.

  • For pure raw materials (e.g. coenzyme Q10), we prepare a single-point calibration standard in duplicate (2 separate weighings of reference standard).

  • We participate in the NIST Quality Assurance Program for Dietary Supplements.

 To learn more about the services we offer please call us at 727-540-0900.

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